Many of The Faceoff Circle’s articles are currently locked behind a paywall. As well as gaining on-demand access to all articles in The Faceoff Circle’s back catalogue, your membership will also include:

  • The ability┬áto use the comment section (doubles as troll discouragement!)
  • Question response priority for Weekly Mailbags
  • Access to exclusive contests and merch discounts
  • Access to proprietary data (AHL advanced stats, extra charts in articles, etc)
  • A follow from the site’s Twitter account (DM @faceoffcircleca with your site username after you subscribe)
  • No advertisements on the site.
  • More features to be determined at a later date.

The Faceoff Circle has a “Friend of the Blog” tier as well, but that presently doesn’t unlock any additional features – it’s simply a way to pay more money per month if you’re feeling really, really generous.

More than anything, subscribing to the site makes this project more viable. This site is currently my primary form of writing income, and with more subscriptions, it can continue to be my focus moving forward. My preference is to continue to release work that focuses on quality, nuance, and proper research rather than writing filler at other venues to make a quick buck, and the continued growth of this site makes that more attainable and provides me with an additional form of job security.

If you’d like to support the site but a subscription isn’t up your alley, you can also make a one-off donation or pick up some new threads and accessories from The Faceoff Circle’s teespring store.

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