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The AHL Age Bracket Project

How NHL Teams are using their AHL affiliates to develop talent

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The American Hockey League is considered the sport’s premier development league, but how much developing are teams doing? This is something that constantly has me curious, and in early 2018, I put that theory to the test.

Now, with some of the data-harvesting skills developed through my Marlies analytics project, I’ve found a way to more efficiently comb through the information we have available to us, and I’ve made it available to you, the reader, to play with!

For my initial thoughts on this year’s patterns, check out the release article for this project.

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If you decide to share information found in this portal, please be considerate; keep the citations short (Team X is Yth in Z statistic, etc) and link back to myself and/or the portal.

If you would like to read some of my written work that uses this (and other, harder to host) data, the Toronto Marlies category on The Faceoff Circle can be found here.

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