Hey there! I’m Jeff Veillette, a hockey writer, analyst, and general enthusiast from Toronto, Canada.

Starting out on message boards in the early-mid 2000s, I launched the original incarnation of The Faceoff Circle in 2007, hoping to get the hockey thoughts of a very opinionated teenager out to the masses. Since then, I’ve gone on to launch and operate several other hockey platforms that have built up followings, helped build a market/audience for hockey on multiple different social media platforms as they were emerging and peaking into the mainstream. I re-launched The Faceoff Circle after a five-year run at The Nation Network, where I began as a volunteer contributor and worked my way up to being their former Managing Editor of Hockey Content. I’ve also previously worked with the Toronto Maple Leafs in a digital role.

On the operations side of the game, I am currently the Analytics Director with the North York Rangers of the Ontario Junior Hockey League, along being with a U16 and U18 scout. I previously carried a similar role with the OJHL’s St. Michael’s Buzzers, The relationships with the clubs have been a two-way street of growth and success – teams and players have improved through my findings and contributions, while I’ve learned more about how to operate a high-level hockey team and identify elite talent, and that insight carries into my public work.

The goal of The Faceoff Circle is to give a candid and thorough look at the game from all possible standpoints – news, insights, opinions, and data – including information not currently available to the public, across several different levels of the game.

My ambition remains to build a stable, rewarding, full-time career doing what I love most – dissecting the game of hockey – in whatever way, shape, or form. The hope is that this platform can serve as a portfolio, as a brainstorm board, or even just a place where you pick up a thought or two of your own to spin into something.