Hey there! My name is Jeff Veillette, and I’m a hockey writer, analyst, and general enthusiast from Toronto, Canada.

Starting out on message boards in the early-mid 2000s, I launched the original incarnation of The Faceoff Circle in 2007, hoping to get the hockey thoughts of a very opinionated teenager out to the masses. Since then, I’ve gone on to launch and operate several other hockey websites that have built up followings, helped build a market/audience for hockey on multiple different social media platforms as they were emerging and peaking into the mainstream. In 2013 I transitioned over to The Nation Network, starting as an unpaid contributor and working my way up to being the full-time Managing Editor of Hockey Content, leading several of the network’s platforms to record numbers with content that captivated audiences in several different niches of the hockey community.

Since leaving the network in August 2017, I’ve operated the current iteration of The Faceoff Circle on a casual basis, while also taking on a couple of less public-facing jobs in the hockey world – a digital contractor role with the Toronto Maple Leafs (NHL) in 2017/18 and a more hockey-oriented role with the St. Michael’s Buzzers (OJHL) as their Director of Analytics and Scouting since 2018/19. I’ve also been a credentialed member of the Toronto Marlies (AHL) press box since 2012.

With hockey on pause, I’ve had time to re-focus my purposes with this site, which has often been left dormant to focus on other projects. The goal for the immediate future is to talk about the game we miss and revisit some old ideas, and upon the resumption of the sport, give a candid and constant look at the game from all possible standpoints – news, insights, opinions, and data – including information not currently available to the public, across several different levels of the game.

My ambition remains to build a stable, rewarding, full-time career doing what I love most – breaking down the game of hockey – in whatever way, shape, or form possible; be it media, be it operations, be it something else entirely. The hope is that this platform can serve as a portfolio, as a brainstorm board, or even just a place where you pick up a thought or two of your own to spin into something.