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A hockey site from Jeff Veillette. Back in a little bit.

We’ll Be Back Soon

Hey everyone,

Unfortunately, much of the past rendition of The Faceoff Circle was lost to sever errors earlier in 2024. With my focus currently placed elsewhere and this site not being used in it’s previous form, this wasn’t initially noticed and has left a lot of holes.

With that said, this isn’t the end of the site’s life, or even necessarily the end of some of the work you’ve seen in the past. I plan on bringing new life to The Faceoff Circle later in the calendar year, with more of focus on being a resource than a blog.

For those who would like to continue to follow my written work, you can find most of it at Canada Sports Betting.

Thank you for the continued support over the years and I look forward to sharing the new-look site later in the year.