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The Aftermath: Game 7, Leafs 6 Red Wings 3

No matter how optimistic I’ve been about the Leafs over the past year and change, there’s still something weird about having total confidence on the second half of ...

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My 2017/18 Accountability Post

Predictions are stupid. So much can go wrong over the course of a few months, and heaven forbid you try to figure out the playoffs eight months before ...

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    The Toronto Maple Leafs’ 2017 Prospect Depth Chart, Ranked

    As most of you know, I’ve had an interesting summer. I left my perch at The Nation Network, I started up this website, and promptly abandoned it to pursue my dream of being a professional long-distance walker. Okay, that last part isn’t true, though I did take advantage of the lack of significant news in the offseason to get myself mostly back ...

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