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The Mailbag

He’s been an interesting person to have on the team. You can see elements of his skilled play still; the quick shifty dekes, the creative passes, the occasional bursts of speed. But he’s still a step or so off in quite a few of his shifts. My suspicion is that the talk of his hip improving thanks to the procedure’s he’s gone under is true, but that he still doesn’t quite have the lightning reactions necessary to get back to his old self due to his concussion history.

That could change with time, and whatever the case, he’s certainly better than your typical $650,000 player, but the “old Ennis is back!” talk of the preseason seems to have been a bit premature.

I’d imagine the Flames are more likely to say no to this between he two teams. Tkachuk is on a pretty friendly contract and is a comparable skill; not to mention, is elite at drawing penalties. He’s already a beloved franchise co-face in Calgary and Nylander isn’t a talent that pulls you away from that, as great as he is too.

I don’t think there’s a particularly discernible difference between this year and previous years. Andersen has always been a bit accident prone in that regard, and those types of giveaways are the type that you remember vividly in the short term but forget about if they don’t lead to catastrophe.

There aren’t any mainstream metrics watching over puck playing ability. Private companies are likely tracking similar statistics for teams, but that’s not anything that most of us have access to.

Sebastian Aho or Dougie Hamilton. It needs to be someone who can change games to the same degree as Nylander can. Carolina has a ton of nice pieces, and I’m sure there are a ton of combinations you can make to get to equal or greater total return value, but I’m pretty firm in wanting to keep a bevy of stars, especially knowing that this team can figure out the rest.

It’ll depend on what exactly they’re looking for from the skater that gets called up. If they need a transition winger, it’ll be him. But there are situations that could also call for players like Carl Grundström, Adam Brooks, Mason Marchment, or even a vet like Chris Mueller.

We’ll have to see how long Kapanen keeps this streak of. He’s been an amazing player for the last few weeks, but that’s exactly how big his productive body of work in the NHL is. If he’s still potting at a 55-60 point pace by the end of the season, and he’s showing himself to be effective even without the help of the team’s stars, then maybe that creates some tough decisions.

Right now, though, I think you’re still treating him as if he has the body of work of an emerging middle-six forward.

These past few weeks of watching Elias Pettersson work his magic have been among the most exciting that I’ve seen from any Canucks player in years. There’s no doubt in my mind that we are seeing the emergence of a legitimate superstar, who might just be there straight out of the gate.

Of course, we all know how shooting percentages and puck luck work and we know he’s not going to be this automatic all season. But I won’t be shocked if he clears a pace of 65+ over the full season and becomes a routine point-per-game threat, at least.

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