This morning, Leafs Nation’s worst fears were confirmed, as the team announced that Auston Matthews is set to miss at least the next four weeks with a shoulder injury suffered during Saturday night’s comeback victory against the Winnipeg Jets.

Naturally, this has caused all sorts of concern. For one, this isn’t Matthews’ first shoulder injury; he missed significant time after injuring his right shoulder last season. This time the ailment is on his left side, which depending on who you ask, either eases concerns about him having a fragile shoulder or makes you wonder if he’s generally injury prone.

Whatever the case may be, even if it’s just another unlucky coincidence, it means that the Leafs are without one of the best players in the world for at least a month and need to find a way to replace him. This has people wondering what the team’s next steps are, so here are the three most-discussed pathways and the advantages and disadvantages of all of them.

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