The Toronto Maple Leafs might have more hype attached to them heading into 2018/19 than they have in any other salary-cap era season, but their rookie team isn’t quite getting the same run-away degree of attention. There are probably a few reasons for that; a relative lack of big names across the board, a less pressing need to find future roster players on the Toronto end, and the physical relocation of the tournament from London/Toronto to Laval has, at the very least, dulled attention at the local level.

Nonetheless, they still have a pair of games this weekend that aimed to get the youngest of the bunch amped up for playing with the NHL regulars in the proper preseason, and the first of those was on Saturday afternoon against the Ottawa Senators. In a special teams dominated, yo-yo performance, the Leafs ultimately fell 6-5 in overtime to their provincial rivals.

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