Due to an incredible list of circumstances that have occurred over the past calendar year or so, the Ottawa Senators are, far and away, the joke franchise of the NHL. It’s so bad at the moment that the most aggressive, deepest cuts are coming from within the fanbase itself, with outsiders making a point to show sympathy while also twisting their knives into Eugene Melnyk’s bleeding hockey machine.

Today, Mark Stone and the Senators settled out of arbitration on a 1-year, $7.35 million contract, while Cody Ceci was awarded a 1-year, $4.3 million deal (I wrote about Ceci a few days ago, if you’re interested in reading a perspective on that process). This settlement brings Stone into an unrestricted free agency in eleven months, leaving Ottawa in a race to either get a good extension planned for him in January, move him at or before the trade deadline, or risk losing him for nothing.

So with free agency on the brain, this tweet caught me by surprise:

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