Unfortunately, not every week in the offseason can be exciting. In fact, most are boring! But that’s not a terrible thing. It means that we can all see the real world, right?

*looks back down at keyboard, continues to type*

Anyway, here’s this week’s mailbag.

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The Mailbag

It could be a combination of things, really; he might see that as his best shot into the NHL (especially if the Senators continue to shed budget and move Anderson or Condon), he’s likely got some familiarity with the AHL side of the operation (having played for Binghamton when the Senators ran them a few years back), and it’s probably the most AHL salary he was able to find for himself on the market (CapFriendly has him at $175,000 minimum).

Texas was likely an unlikely return destination for him, as the Stars organization would like to see Colton Point and Landon Bow continue to grow as young netminders. I’m also not super sold that he has a ton of value on the open market; while his playoff run was exemplary, his regular season numbers the last two years have been about AHL average. On the other hand, Ottawa likely wants to have McKenna split time with one of Filip Gustavsson or Magnus Hogberg, while the other plays as an ECHL starter.

It’s a fun idea, but I don’t see a feasibility for it. The schedule is already too long, and the Stanley Cup already covers the knockout concept pretty well.

He’ll probably get another look. A lack of actual development time and a late-season injury likely slowed down his progress last year. I’d bet on him starting 2018/19 with the Marlies, working on his puck skills and tightening up his gap control, and possibly knocking on the door later in the season.

Per year? Over is possible, but the safe money is on under. 90+ point seasons are exceedingly rare in this league and it’s difficult to gamble on anyone, in particular, to do it, save for Connor McDavid. Especially no that Toronto can effectively run three first lines and keep Tavares, Matthews, and Kadri relatively rested, I don’t think any of them are going to reach their maximum potential output. They simply have no need to carry a whole team on their back the way they did before.

We’d have to be looking at the highest echelon of the elite, given age and cost control. We’re talking a signed Karlsson, or Doughty or Subban. I don’t think I’d do it for a prospect that isn’t Rasmus Dahlin. Maybe a cap-friendly near-mega elite guy like John Klingberg gets into the conversation. Basically, it would have to be a trade that makes the other side uncomfortable, so I don’t really see the 1-for-1 thing coming to fruition.

There haven’t been too many guys who have had the degree of hype that Tavares and Karlsson have that have actually hit the market. Zdeno Chara and Scott Niedermayer and Marian Hossa all got their teams a ring or multiple rings. Ilya Kovalchuk’s contract was rough on years but he was a star until he left. I suppose the second tier (Brad Richards, Marian Gaborik, Daniel Briere etc) comes with more risk, but the true, in-moment superstars tend to be pretty safe calls.

“Don’t do it Jeff!”
“But it makes too much sense!”
“They burn you every year!”
“Their defence got even better and their goaltending should rebound!”
“That’s what they always say!”
“Their AHL forwards will add scoring!”
“Jeff I swear to god”

The Carolina Hurricanes might turn this thing around next year.

*flames burst out of the sky, cats and dogs begin to rain, everyone screams in pain*

Big things. Secret things. But big things.

(No, seriously. There might be a surprise coming. If so, expect it to be revealed in the coming weeks).

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