In case you missed it, the Toronto Maple Leafs and Assistant General Manager mutually agreed to part ways yesterday:

Since Kyle Dubas was named as General Manager two weeks ago, speculation about Hunter’s future had been rampant. In fact, a significant chunk of his press conference was devoted to questions such as “Brendan, what is happening with Mark Hunter now?”, “Kyle, how do you plan on working with Mark Hunter”, and “Hey, where is Mark Hunter?”.

The last few days, as such, have come with a lot of loud yelling about Toronto choosing their door, with many seeing the loss as a big blow to the Maple Leafs organization. Hunter called not being selected, and the early breakup “disappointing“. An anonymous agent apparently called the whole scenario a “firestorm“. The usual suspects are already putting Dubas to the fire, and the old-school wing of the fanbase, for maybe the first time ever, has lost faith in the Shanaplan.

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