What made Par Lindholm so intriguing to the Toronto Maple Leafs this year? Some scouts and analysts will break it down, talking about his smart reads, positional awareness, two-way ability, and whatever else they can describe that loudly states “I have definitely seen more of his game action than you can easily find on YouTube”. Which, I mean, fair point to them, that’s what they’re paid to do and having a qualitative report in the ammo chamber is usually better than not having one.

But anyway, the real reason he’s intriguing is this:

That’s a nice, healthy spike in points for Lindholm, particularly over the past two years. After a drop in 2015/16, the 26-year-old Swede has come up with a pair of seasons that rank him in the league’s Top 25 in scoring, picking up 31 points in 38 games in 2016/17 (23rd overall) and 47 points in 52 games (4th overall) in 2017/18. The latter puts him at a rate of 0.96 points per game, which ranks 32nd all-time by a 26-year-old in the Swedish Hockey (nee. Elite) League, as well as the third-highest in the NHL’s salary cap era and the highest in this decade, edging out… former Toronto Marlies penalty kill specialist Greg Scott?

Alright, I guess it’s time to talk context.

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