Hey everyone,

As you may have read this weekend, Charlie, my dog that many of you have come to know over the past five and a half years, was put to rest after a battle with osteosarcoma.

Those who have had their pets go through major health issues know that the whole process, from evaluation to their last breath, can be a very expensive process. Of course, you want the best for those who give their best to you, so if you can find a way, it’s not something you hesitate on.

Knowing what he’s meant to the family, and knowing what my family has meant to me over the past few years, I decided very early on to jump ahead of any expenses accrued. In my eyes, it’s the least that I can do after everything that everyone has done for me. With that said, we are still talking thousands of dollars between biopsies, x-rays, medications, odds and ends, and his euthanization, so it’s still a hit that I’d like to try to mitigate.

Some suggested early in to start up a GoFundMe or a traditional fundraiser, but that isn’t something I feel comfortable with. I believe that those types of efforts should be saved for those who are in particularly trying situations; to take away from others’ moment of need for my ‘tough break’ without delivering anything in return seems greedy.

Instead, I’d prefer to work my way into recovering his expenses. As such, my plan is for The Faceoff Circle to go subscribers-only for the remainder of May, June, and July. This way, if you do decide to make a contribution, I can at least give something deliverable (even if it’s just an assortment of lousy hockey takes) in return.

Along with being able to read the articles that come out in that time span (which, to make it worthwhile, will go up in frequency), subscribing will remove all advertisements and allow you to comment on articles.

One can subscribe to the site with monthly or annual payments and can do so here.

The conclusion of this members-only period will come at the beginning of August, which coincides with the one-year anniversary of this site’s launch. Once we reach that stage, there will be more detail given on how I plan on the future of this platform to unfold. I see a lot of potential in what this site can be, that I haven’t been able to execute due to a very up-and-down personal year. But it’s time to get back to serious work, and I expect momentum to be at full steam at that point.

As always, thank you to everyone for your support, and for those who do make the decision to subscribe during this stretch, I look forward to delivering work in return that holds up my end of the bargain.



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