I’m going to be perfectly clear before continuing here: this “piece” is not going to have much if any analysis. The data-gathering here might be a stepping stone to something deeper, but in the meantime, this is simply the output of a question I was curious about this morning.

Specifically, I wondered if we could find some Time on Ice Patterns involving certain players if we broke up the Leafs’ season into 5-game segments like Mike Babcock originally suggested at the beginning of last year. For those keeping track, the team’s record in the nine complete segments so far is as follows, with a goal of at least six points in that stretch.

  • Segment 1: 4-1-0 (8 points, success)
  • Segment 2: 3-2-0 (6 points, success)
  • Segment 3: 1-4-0 (2 points, failure)
  • Segment 4: 5-0-0 (10 points, pass)
  • Segment 5: 2-2-1 (5 points, failure)
  • Segment 6: 4-1-0 (8 points, pass)
  • Segment 7: 2-3-0 (4 points, failure)
  • Segment 8: 2-2-1 (5 points, failure)
  • Segment 9: 2-2-1 (5 points, failure)
  • Segment 10: 0-0-2 (2 points, 3 games remaining)

So who played how much in those stretches? Let’s take a look. I’ll let you come to your own conclusions; I’ve certainly noticed my own patterns, but I’d like to hear some of yours. Keep in mind that Auston Matthews and Nikita Zaitsev have both missed significant stretches due to injury and that James Van Riemsdyk, Tyler Bozak, Matt Martin and Nazem Kadri have all had a night or two off for their own ailments. Nikita Soshnikov’s disappearance has been at least somewhat injury-driven as well. Beyond that? Go nuts.

Left Wing


Right Wing


Spare Forwards

Spare Defencemen

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