Today is a good day. I got a sweet new toaster and both soccer teams that I’m currently mad at in my life fired high-profile people. In a few hours, there will be more hockey to talk about, and I’m starting to prepare a wave of content for this very website. I missed out on some shoes I wanted this morning, but if that’s the low point, life is good.

Not to mention, the mailbag was nice and full this morning! Let’s take a look at a few of your questions, shall we?

I’m going to knock out the “Jets” part, and go with “real fans are the worst”.

What I mean by this, specifically, is that those who self-proclaim that they are better than another person because of how they approach the game are problematic. At the end of the day, hockey fans share a love for the game, and it shouldn’t matter how strong their obsession is and what nuances they appreciate.

It’s completely cool to get into respectful disagreement and debate with people over topics. It’s fine to feel like you approach the game a little different than somebody else, and it’s possible that you might be better versed in different elements than others. But seeing things differently doesn’t make the person you’re talking to any more or less of a fan than you.

If you believe yourself to be superior based on perceived quality of devotion, it’s a bad look.

I’m really, really curious as to how the Vegas Golden Knights will handle social media once they go on their inevitable extended cold streak. Fun as their start has been, and as much as I think they’ve accidentally shown that the gap between good and decent in the goaltending world isn’t always super huge, they’ve still not performed to a standard that makes you think they’re for real.

I think Franchise Mode handles sims pretty well, so long as you check off one box: disable morale. Locker Room Chemistry is impossible to keep while simming, and always means the team completely falls apart the second you lose multiple games in a row.

I’m also off the depth train. Stack high, build around 5 or four top-end forwards and 2-3 defencemen, and supplement them with whatever 79-81s you can find on the cheap. You’ll have better luck. Most years I can get my current simmed team to at least the Conference Finals without help.

It’s way too early to say anything definitive, and digging deep into it would require a lot more than a mailbag question. Right now, I’d say things aren’t looking super great for Tyler Bozak and Leo Komarov, and that James van Riemsdyk’s situation will likely have something to do with the flexibility a theoretical extension could bring.

As for those knocking on the door, you’d have to guess that Josh Leivo and Kasperi Kapanen find full-time jobs. Bozak’s heir-apparent is a bigger question; maybe someone gets converted to centre full time, freeing up one more spot for a player like Nikita Soshnikov or Andreas Johnsson.

I don’t know if worried is the correct term. There wasn’t a heck of a lot of expectation placed upon the team going into the season, so even if their seeding atop the Metropolitan Division doesn’t last, which a lot of metrics would suggest is a distinct possibility, being able to have a strong start out of the gate is already above water for them. You can certainly see the makings of a good team happening, so I’d enjoy the ride without consequence this year and worry about the result later.

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