On Nikita Soshnikov and his available KHL parachute

Yesterday on TSN’s “Insider Trading” segment, Pierre Lebrun dropped an interesting bit of information on the career options available to Toronto Marlies forward Nikita Soshnikov. For those who can’t watch the clip, I’ve included the words in question below: Nikita Soshnikov, who we haven’t seen this year in the National Hockey League, he’s with the Marlies, he has a clause in his contract that, if he’s not called up by the Maple Leafs by next week, November 14th, that he can go back to the KHL, on loan, for as long as he wants, for the rest of the year. Now, I think we can all be sure that the Leafs will, in fact, call up Soshnikov before that, so that doesn’t happen. The other point of note here is that he is three NHL games away from becoming waiver-eligible, in terms of going up and down between the AHL and NHL. So, the Leafs have to call this player up, they already have a glut, and a lot of teams around the NHL are looking at the Leafs and saying, “something has to give at some point.” They have a lot of depth up front, they need help on … Continue reading On Nikita Soshnikov and his available KHL parachute