When last night’s lineup came out, everybody was hoping that this would be the night that the tide would turn for the Leafs’ roster makeup forever. Twelve forwards capable of putting up points and skating, thanks to the absence of Matt Martin and James van Riemsdyk to minor injuries. Compound that with a need for vengeance after a flat loss to the Hurricanes, and the hope was that Toronto would unleash a night of fury upon the Philadelphia Flyers.

The reality? Not so much. Another somewhat flat effort, and a 4-2 loss as a result.

The Leafs have now dropped three of four, the type of regression you’d expect to see after a hot start but not in a fashion that is in any way enjoyable. Even still, their record remains a very respectable 7-4-0, so the hole has not been dug too deep just yet.

Toronto will get a chance to re-discover itself on the road this week, as they get their California Road Trip out of the way. They’ll face San Jose tomorrow night, Anaheim on Wednesday, and Los Angeles on Thursday.

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